Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sad days

About a week ago I changed the water in Dorothy and Nuggets tank and when Nugget didn't move for 2 days I got suspicious. He often doesn't move for a couple days but he just didn't look... right. I took him out of the water and he STUNK. Poor little guy died. He was fine before I changed the water so I don't know if it was coincidence or if there was something in the new water. Saturday I noticed that Dorothy was swimming funny. She was swimming then floating to the top. I thought she might have a swim bladder infection but then when she was only floating on her side at the top I knew something was really wrong. We went to Petco and they said to get freshwater salt and that helps clean out bacteria and helps the gills work better. We put some in and by the time we went to bed she seemed to be doing better, swimming right side up for little bits. When we woke up she was dead. I was soooo sad! I told Blaine that I couldn't flush her and asked if we could bury her at his dad's house. I made a nice box out of an empty crayon box and Blaine made a cross out of wood. I had text mom and Emily to tell them about Dorothy and later mom called and I started crying all over again. Part of me was like why am I crying over a goldfish? Some fish just don't live very long. And the other part of me was so devastated because she was little part of home that made the journey to Washington with me. The water didn't even look that dirty, I should have just left it.

Blaine was very nice and dug the hole and everything. I told him I don't know how I feel about burying her next to three cats! I also picked some dandelions and put them by her cross.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm so bad about updating this :/

I wait too long then I have a million pictures/things to talk about.

LAST weekend Blaine's mom had a BBQ at her new house. We played horse shoes, bocce ball and had delicious food! It was a nice small gathering with just Blaine and I, Blaine's sister Enjelle and her boyfriend Ryan and Blaine's mom and husband Norman.

(I look confused. Maybe sad that I stink at bocce ball?)

Horse shoes. Look at that stance!

We also tried the beach again! We haven't been to the same beach twice since I've been out here. We also noticed that we've been going to the beach about every two weeks. This trip was much more successful than our last trip.

It was a beautiful day on the beach but looking out over the water it looked kind of stormy. Good news was that it wasn't too crowded and it was the perfect temperature. Although we would have liked the water to have been a little warmer so we could have swam. Like that's even going to happen up here!

This time we went to Seaside beach in Oregon. They have lots of little tourist shops, candy shops and restaurants along with arcades, bump cars/boats. Before we left we got a bag of salt water taffy and warm caramel corn. They even have a tiny aquarium on the beach where you can feed the sea lions. We fed them three times :)

On the way home we hit a major traffic jam. We ended up going 5mph for about 2 hours in the windy Oregon hills. At least it was a pretty night!

This past weekend we didn't do much. Just the normal boring grocery shopping and getting things done around the house weekend. We did however go to downtown Portland Saturday night to go to Voodoo Doughnut. You might have seen it on the travel channel and food network.

They have some pretty crazy (and delicious!) doughnuts but I don't even want to know how many calories they are! We waited in line for over an hour but it was totally worth it! When we got in line we planned on getting one doughnut each but after we stood in line for that long we decided that we were getting a dozen!
On Sunday the library had a book sale and we got 6 books for $2. Well it was $2 for a whole bag but by the time we got there the sale was extremely picked over and that's all that we could find that we wanted. Blaine got a book on a certification that he can get for work and I got several craft books. Wreath making, interior decorating and some quilting/sewing books. Even if I don't end up using my craft books, $2 for Blaine's book is a steal because it's a text book that retails for $60!

We went to a mall in Oregon last week that we don't normally go to to get Blaine some new shoes. As we were looking for a parking spot I was listing all the stores/restaurants that this mall has that I could see and that's when I saw it. They have a Noodles and Company!! I was so excited! We had already had dinner but we went and got big rice krispie treats! Now only if Washington/Oregon had a closer Chilis, Potbelly, Cracker Barrel, Waffle House and Streak n Shake!!

An update wouldn't be complete without mentioning the cats.

Simon likes to lay in any box/bag we bring home. He even tried to lay in Blaine's new shoes box buuuut he didn't really fit. He also didn't really fit into this smallish paper bag.

Lily doesn't really scratch on things (besides my flower chair grrr) but she uses her claws a lot like when she stretches, when she jumps onto/off the furniture etc. So Lily gets Soft Paws nail caps! I think they look cute and they work great but they are NOT easy to put on her! She doesn't like her paws touched so Blaine holds her and feeds her treats while I quickly put them on.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lets see.. what have we been doing lately. Last Saturday we went to Longbeach, WA. It ended up being a crappy rainy day and we spent less than 10 minutes on the actual beach. Mostly because I wanted to see the really big birds. Turns out they were pelicans.

There are lots of little stores, museums and arcades at this beach so we spent our day at the beach inside. They also have go karts which Blaine was very excited about but it was too rainy to do them.

To get to Longbeach you have to go through Astoria, OR and in Astoria is a 4 mile long bridge that goes over the mouth of the Columbia River. Said bridge is very tall, two lanes and very scary.

I couldn't get the whole bridge in one shot

Going up

Going down

On the way back from the beach and after lunch at Pig'n Pancake we went to a maritime museum. Well we stood on their dock because the actually museum had closed for the day.

On Thursday we went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) because they were having free admission and free parking.

Blaine took these panoramic pictures when we left the museum of Portland and the Willamette River

Last night we went to the Clark County Fair to watch the demolition derby and ended up seeing and sitting with our friends Brandon and Rachael.

And we walked through all of the animals :)

We also go to the river a lot and walk

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekend Travelers (Warning: Lots of pictures)

We just can't seem to stay home on the weekends! Saturday we went to Beacon Rock and hiked to the top then went down the road a few miles to Bonneville Dam. We had been to both about six years ago but I had never climbed Beacon Rock.
Beacon Rock

About half way up looking at the switch backs

Looking down at different switch backs

Blaine feeding chipmunks that were at the top. The ran around everyone's feet and ended up getting lots of snacks.

Views from the top

Bonneville Dam. The inside looks straight of the out 70's. I'm sure that they have not redecorated since.

The dam allows all of the Salmon to still swim up steam. There are different sections so they can sit and rest.

On Sunday we went to Multnomah Falls!