Friday, July 2, 2010

New new new

I just realized that I moved a month ago today. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long. SO much has changed in the last month it's crazy! Lately we've been working on getting things that we need for the apartment. We've gotten new silverware, bar stools, bathroom towels/curtain and our favorite and what we are most excited about.. our new Dyson ball vacuum for houses with animals! Woo!! It arrived yesterday and the allergy and asthma kit came today! We ordered online and saved $250 which we are also super pumped about!! I will post pictures later today of the apartment if I have time or next week. We leave tomorrow to go camping in Waldport, OR and we will be back on Monday. We camped there last year and loved it! After I made reservations I looked at our pictures from last year and we are at the same spot! We go to an RV/camp ground that is right on Alsea Bay where you can rent motor boats and gear to go crab fishing or canoes and kayaks. They also have a gift shop with souvenir t-shirts which I love and get everywhere I go :)

Tonight we are going to a glass blowing demonstration downtown then to Blaine's dad's house to do fireworks! We are doing them tonight since we will be in Oregon on the 4th and fireworks are illegal there so we just bought fun sparklers to take camping.

I miss everyone so much!! Visitors are always welcome, we have an extra bedroom! :D

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