Monday, July 5, 2010

The Apartment

I've gotten a few requests that I take pictures of the apartment so everyone can see it. I took several so here ya go!

This is when you first walk in the door. Living room straight and hall way to the right. Excuse the Dyson box, the cats love it.

Hallway to the right

Standing in front of the closet/bathroom

Better view of the living room.

Dining room


Really big balcony with camping gear

and again


Standing at the bedroom window

Spare room

Standing at the spare room window


and again

Built in shelves by the front door

By the bedrooms

Washer and dryer

Big hall closet. It goes back farther to the left and way way farther to the right. We like blankets and games :)

And there's the grand tour! We are working on hanging up pictures and mirrors still. Camping pictures to come!

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  1. What great windows & deck! They let so much light into the living space. love the new apartment. and I bet I can guess which sink is yours. :-)