Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More new things

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I opened up gifts as soon as I got up :) Emily, her mom and Blaine all chipped in to get me the bike I really wanted so as soon as we ate breakfast we went to the store! Blaine had been at the store the night before and said that they had ONE left and he wanted to go NOW! As soon as we got the bike off the shelf and I took it for a ride down the aisle a man that had been looking at the bikes asked if he could take a picture of my bike. Soooo we got there just in time!!

New bike!!

I don't think I've ever worn a sweatshirt on my birthday.

Blaine had to take it for a spin :)

Blaine had also given me a Pier 1 gift card and I knew what I wanted because we had just been there the other day so that was our next stop!

We saw this owl a looong time ago and we just kinda laughed at it but it slowly grew on us. When we went to Pier 1 a few days before my birthday I saw that it was on super sale and reeeeally wanted it! I went to Craft Warehouse the other day and got the sticks and flowers since the owl is like a big vase.

He's about 3.5 ft tall and Lily loves him! She sits by him a lot and once I caught her standing on his head. She really likes the sticks though and it was a fight to even get them into the owl. Lily broke some and others were pretty slobbery.

The day after my birthday we went couch shopping. Our old couch was pretty bad. It was Blaine's dad's old couch and it was getting worse and worse. It HURT to sit on it and sometimes I would just sit on the floor because that was more comfortable. We thought that we knew what we wanted and where we were going to get it but turns out they didn't have the matching sofa and love seat that we wanted. We went to a couple different places and fell in love with this one instead:

All four pieces are separate and clip together at the bottom. You can also buy additional pieces! We love it and of course the cats do too.

Lily likes birthdays too :) Well she really just likes tissue paper.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last week we bought an air conditioner. The weather went from 60's and 70's to 100 degrees for a couple days! We don't run it every day because it's usually in the 70's but it does get hot and later in the summer it definitely will. I'm so glad we bought it and Lily is too! She is always a super great helper with whatever we are doing especially if there are big boxes involved.

Blaine and I went to Mt. St. Helen's on Sunday. It was a spontaneous, last minute trip but the observatory that is closest to the mountain (5 miles from the center) is only two hours away. There is only two highways from our house to Mt. Helen's and the second one is very hilly and whindey as you would expect and on this road is an A-frame house that was half buried in the 1980 eruption. It has now been made into a semi-shady tourist attraction and gift shop with a large statue of Big Foot. We stopped here in 2005 and the little store was closed and it was even more run down, this trip it was a little classier.

It was really cloudy when we were driving and we weren't going to be happy if we got there and couldn't see the mountain very well. As we got closer all the clouds burned off and it turned out to be a beautiful day!

A nice man offered to take our picture and Blaine told him my camera was super easy just point and shoot but it ended up taking four tries and he turned off the camera twice :/

After we went through the visitors center we walked up a short trail and clouds had rolled in and settled on the mountain.

Tonight we are going to the Parade of Homes and this weekend we are going to look at a couch and love seat set in Portland. Yay no sales tax! We do a lot of shopping in Oregon when we don't want to pay sales tax. Mostly on big items/shopping trips that make saving on sales tax more than the price of gas to get there ie AC, furniture, new fish tank for Dorothy and Nugget. And all the great stores are in the Oregon and like 5 minutes from our house! Crate and Barrel, IKEA, YoCream :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping Pictures

There were way too many pictures to try and upload them to blogger so I made a photobucket account for easier viewing/uploading. Check it out here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Apartment

I've gotten a few requests that I take pictures of the apartment so everyone can see it. I took several so here ya go!

This is when you first walk in the door. Living room straight and hall way to the right. Excuse the Dyson box, the cats love it.

Hallway to the right

Standing in front of the closet/bathroom

Better view of the living room.

Dining room


Really big balcony with camping gear

and again


Standing at the bedroom window

Spare room

Standing at the spare room window


and again

Built in shelves by the front door

By the bedrooms

Washer and dryer

Big hall closet. It goes back farther to the left and way way farther to the right. We like blankets and games :)

And there's the grand tour! We are working on hanging up pictures and mirrors still. Camping pictures to come!

Friday, July 2, 2010

New new new

I just realized that I moved a month ago today. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long. SO much has changed in the last month it's crazy! Lately we've been working on getting things that we need for the apartment. We've gotten new silverware, bar stools, bathroom towels/curtain and our favorite and what we are most excited about.. our new Dyson ball vacuum for houses with animals! Woo!! It arrived yesterday and the allergy and asthma kit came today! We ordered online and saved $250 which we are also super pumped about!! I will post pictures later today of the apartment if I have time or next week. We leave tomorrow to go camping in Waldport, OR and we will be back on Monday. We camped there last year and loved it! After I made reservations I looked at our pictures from last year and we are at the same spot! We go to an RV/camp ground that is right on Alsea Bay where you can rent motor boats and gear to go crab fishing or canoes and kayaks. They also have a gift shop with souvenir t-shirts which I love and get everywhere I go :)

Tonight we are going to a glass blowing demonstration downtown then to Blaine's dad's house to do fireworks! We are doing them tonight since we will be in Oregon on the 4th and fireworks are illegal there so we just bought fun sparklers to take camping.

I miss everyone so much!! Visitors are always welcome, we have an extra bedroom! :D