Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Home!

I'm "home"! Been here since Wednesday. The flight went great. Dorothy made it! We caused quite a stir at security with her then Emily forgot to take 4 packages of Capri Sun out of her bag. We were very popular in the airport and on the plane. Everyone kept asking how we got Dorothy through security. It did take awhile. We got past one security person and the next one told us that we couldn't bring her but I wouldn't back down so she called someone over and he said no but he was going to go "check his book". He came back almost 10 minutes later and took Dorothy through security and told us to go through then we when through (finally after Emily's back had to be checked twice because of said Capri Sun) a lady checked to see if her water really was water. The very first person to ask about Dorothy was this old man and his wife and turns out they sat RIGHT next to us on the plane!
Here is Dorothy and Nugget waiting to board the plane:

We had a great time while Emily was here. We went to the Oregon Zoo, Tillamook Cheese Factory and Oceanside beach and went to Walmart almost everyday.
Emily and I at Tillamook:

At Oceanside:

Blaine and Emily flying kites, it got really windy and crazy:

We got tired of carrying our kites :)

I can't wait to have more visitors :D It was soooo hard saying goodbye to Emily yesterday. I called my mom bawling when Blaine and I got back to the car and it makes me want to cry just thinking about watching her walk away. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I've moved across the country plenty of times but this was for sure the hardest.

On a lighter note my Relocube gets to Portland today. It's a few days early and I was way excited when the lady called me but it's not being delivered until Wednesday. I can't wait to have all my stuff and start settling in.

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