Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

My ReloCube was delivered last Wednesday and I've been working on getting everything unpacked and finding a places for everything. We went to the Grand Floral Parade in Portland on Saturday. It was several miles long and took an hour and forty minutes just to get to our spot and we weren't even at the end of the route. I was getting bored towards the end so we left early and we missed most of the international section but that was fine. I do love parades :) Blaine's mom threw us a house warming party this Sunday. We had a great turn out and we got lots of things that we needed! I've been looking for jobs and have found a few that are worth looking into. With Blaine working and me doing Mary Kay I don't HAVE to work but I want to. I get bored cleaning and sitting around the apartment all day. Poor Blaine probably just wants to sit when he gets home but by 5:30 I'm ready to go go go! The places I want to go to probably aren't very much fun either. I want to go to stores like IKEA, Crate and Barrel and Urban Outfitters. Places that used to be a 2-3 hour drive away are now 5-20 minutes away. Once I find places of everything and we get more for the apartment I'll take pictures of all the rooms and balcony. I've got a little tiny garden started that I'm really excited about. So all in all everything is going great!

ReloCube is finally here!

Lily and Simon have been great helpers

Lily also discovered Dorothy and Nugget

Our cake for our house warming party. When Blaine's mom picked up the cake it said "Laine and Katie" so she it fixed to BLaine and Katie but when they left she realized it says "firts" instead of first ha ha

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  1. omg. that cake was delicious! who cares if it was completely spelled wrong. lol seriously though, how do those people get those jobs?

    did you know i am horrible allergic to cats? thankfully they were locked in the spare room and there was lots of fresh air with all the windows open. haha.