Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I got some of the pictures off of Emily's camera that I thought I'd post :)

If you click on the picture you will see a look of fear on Emily's face. The kite kept getting away from her resulting in...
This. Somehow it got wrapped all the way around her. It was pretty funny and I had to take a few pictures before untangling her :)
Downtown on the riverfront
The river has been super flooded
At the zoo. We didn't see many goats or a few others because of the rain so we stood by the statue.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 24th Blaine!!

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Blaine!!! I spent all morning yesterday running from store to store because Wal-mart didn't have everything I needed to make Blaine's cupcake cake, Walgreen's doesn't have instant photo printing and Win Co didn't have everything on my list either. Then all afternoon I spent making Blaine's gift because I waited until the last possible day and the cupcake cake (which looks horrible but tastes great). I tried to make something from the Hello Cupcake book, I probably should have chosen something easier and/or when I had more time. Then we went out to Chinese for dinner and to moms for cake/ice cream and gifts! All in all I think it was a pretty good day!

This week is get a job week... or get applications and take resumes places week. But today is clean the spare room day. In the spare room we have both of our desks, all my Mary Kay stuff, guitars, clothes, crap, etc and SOMETHING needs to be done with it all. We really need another dresser but we need towels, new vacuum and other things first so clothes are either in boxes or just piled up. This might take me awhile so I better get started..

While I was frosting cupcakes yesterday I looked up to see this. Lily loves to check out Dorothy and she punches at Nugget if he's on the side of the tank. I usually let her look if she isn't sitting on top of the tank or trying to lift the lid.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

My ReloCube was delivered last Wednesday and I've been working on getting everything unpacked and finding a places for everything. We went to the Grand Floral Parade in Portland on Saturday. It was several miles long and took an hour and forty minutes just to get to our spot and we weren't even at the end of the route. I was getting bored towards the end so we left early and we missed most of the international section but that was fine. I do love parades :) Blaine's mom threw us a house warming party this Sunday. We had a great turn out and we got lots of things that we needed! I've been looking for jobs and have found a few that are worth looking into. With Blaine working and me doing Mary Kay I don't HAVE to work but I want to. I get bored cleaning and sitting around the apartment all day. Poor Blaine probably just wants to sit when he gets home but by 5:30 I'm ready to go go go! The places I want to go to probably aren't very much fun either. I want to go to stores like IKEA, Crate and Barrel and Urban Outfitters. Places that used to be a 2-3 hour drive away are now 5-20 minutes away. Once I find places of everything and we get more for the apartment I'll take pictures of all the rooms and balcony. I've got a little tiny garden started that I'm really excited about. So all in all everything is going great!

ReloCube is finally here!

Lily and Simon have been great helpers

Lily also discovered Dorothy and Nugget

Our cake for our house warming party. When Blaine's mom picked up the cake it said "Laine and Katie" so she it fixed to BLaine and Katie but when they left she realized it says "firts" instead of first ha ha

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Home!

I'm "home"! Been here since Wednesday. The flight went great. Dorothy made it! We caused quite a stir at security with her then Emily forgot to take 4 packages of Capri Sun out of her bag. We were very popular in the airport and on the plane. Everyone kept asking how we got Dorothy through security. It did take awhile. We got past one security person and the next one told us that we couldn't bring her but I wouldn't back down so she called someone over and he said no but he was going to go "check his book". He came back almost 10 minutes later and took Dorothy through security and told us to go through then we when through (finally after Emily's back had to be checked twice because of said Capri Sun) a lady checked to see if her water really was water. The very first person to ask about Dorothy was this old man and his wife and turns out they sat RIGHT next to us on the plane!
Here is Dorothy and Nugget waiting to board the plane:

We had a great time while Emily was here. We went to the Oregon Zoo, Tillamook Cheese Factory and Oceanside beach and went to Walmart almost everyday.
Emily and I at Tillamook:

At Oceanside:

Blaine and Emily flying kites, it got really windy and crazy:

We got tired of carrying our kites :)

I can't wait to have more visitors :D It was soooo hard saying goodbye to Emily yesterday. I called my mom bawling when Blaine and I got back to the car and it makes me want to cry just thinking about watching her walk away. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I've moved across the country plenty of times but this was for sure the hardest.

On a lighter note my Relocube gets to Portland today. It's a few days early and I was way excited when the lady called me but it's not being delivered until Wednesday. I can't wait to have all my stuff and start settling in.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today is the Day

My room is empty, my suitcases are packed. I've said all my "see ya later"s now the only thing left to do is actually leave. I'm going to be a mess in the airport when it's time to leave mom. I'm glad Emily is coming with me for a week otherwise I don't think I could even get on the plane. Yesterday was pretty hard saying goodbye to Cade and Olivia, Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Pop, Micki, Loren and Barrett. I can barely even TYPE about leaving these people how am I supposed to actually DO it?! It's not this small town that I'm having a hard time letting go of; it's all of my friends and family. Yes I love this little town and I'm going to miss it but the only thing that would keep me here in the people I love. There are no schools that I want to go to here or any career opportunities for me here. I can't make a living on the people I love, I need to go on this new adventure for me but it's proving to be way harder that I imagined. Last night I got home after dad went to bed and he didn't even wake me up this morning before he left for work. Guess I don't get to say goodbye to him. Anyways, there's stuff that needs to get done before we leave in an hour. Goodbye Illinois! See you around Thanksgiving/Christmas.