Sunday, May 16, 2010

17 days

In 17 short days I will be embarking on the scariest and most exciting journey of my life. In 17 days I will be leaving the comfort and safety of my home in small town Illinois for the love of my life, Blaine, 2000 miles away in Washington. We've been waiting for this for 7 years and it's finally here. We have an apartment, all of my belongings and car will be picked up soon and my one way plane ticket has been purchased. I've moved plenty of times from South Carolina to Georgia to Connecticut to Illinois. Moving is always hard, leaving your friends and everything that is familiar to you but you always have your family with you. This time I'm not moving with my family, I'm moving to a place I've been many times over the past 5 years with people I know and love but it's not the same. I will miss my family more than anyone knows. I can't just pop in and say hi or take a day or two for a weekend stay. This is seriously far away...

Now in no way am I regretting this decision to move. I am thrilled to be moving somewhere totally different from anywhere that I've lived before. I cannot wait to finally be with Blaine for more than a few weeks out of the year. I am so excited to start a new job and meet new people. There isn't anything in Illinois for me job or school wise anymore. The only thing that would keep me here is my family and friends. My best friend Emily recently moved 20 minutes away and I was sad that I couldn't run down the street to say hi or car pool anymore and that it took so LONG to get to her new apartment. Then realized what am I going to do in 17 days when I move 2000 miles away and I see her once or twice a YEAR.

The closer it gets to June 2nd the more excited and sad I get. This will truly be bittersweet. I cannot wait to start this new adventure but it may be harder than I realized. I will just be racking up the frequent flier miles and I hope our guest bedroom gets a lot of use!

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  1. you are going to love the northwest! and double dates!