Friday, May 21, 2010

12 Days

On Tuesday my car was picked up to be transported to Washington. It was the last one on the truck and it looked a little if-y but Vladimir, the nice Russian driver, assured me it would be fine. Soon after that he talked about how he loves Vancouver because it's the perfect size but hates driving through Washington State because there are a lot of hills and his truck "goes like this! woah woah and like this! and I don't like it!" Hand motions went with his story to show his truck going up and down and even sideways. I hope he won't be driving through these areas while my car is on his truck! He said he hoped to drop it off by Saturday so he could be home with his wife and kids on Sunday. Yesterday I had a voice mail from him and it made me nervous. I expected "crashed your car", "car fell off my truck", etc. but he was just telling me that he will be in Vancouver Friday night (tonight) or early Saturday morning. He also called me this morning and said he will drop off my car around 5pm tonight. I am very pleased with Vladimir, he is very nice and has kept in very good contact. If you need to transport your car anywhere between Washington and Illinois I recommend him! ;)

This is my car being loaded onto his truck on Tuesday. I told dad it looked like it was going to bounce right off. Today when Vladimir called me he said my car was on the top of his truck. I don't know if that makes me feel better or not. He better not go under any low over passes! ;)

12 days!!

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